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Unexpected Fans

The LA Zoo is home to one special super yogurt fan

This year marked our first Loaf Love Tour visit to the Los Angeles Zoo. In typical LLT fashion, it was a hot sunny day and we saw lots of orange clad fans! I was asked by a zoo employee if we had visited other zoos and I said, “Yes, but every one is different and filled with awesome memories.” Los Angeles did not disappoint!

Unlike our lucky friends and family at home, some Tillamook products are harder to find in Southern California. The exciting news is that our Tillamook Low Fat Yogurt can now be purchased at area stores so we decided to treat our fans at the zoo to samples of our delicious Marionberry Yogurt and Oregon Strawberry Yogurt in addition to mounds of tasty cheese cubes!

This family couldn’t decide whether to show off their yogurt or our Yum bus!

Of course our delicious berry yogurts were a huge hit, but we had a truly unexpected fan of these yummy treats. Near the end of the day a Zookeeper stopped by our yogurt sampling station to tell us that one of the gorillas had been very sick. He hadn’t been willing to eat anything and they were very worried about him. However, when they offered the gorilla our Tillamook Yogurt, he started eating right away and loved it! We were so touched by this that we left a small stockpile for our gorilla on the mend and hope this Tillamook Yogurt fan gets well soon.

Do any Tillamook products make you feel better when you’re sick? For me, it’s Marionberry Pie Ice Cream all the way. Yum!

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