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What a fun contest! I hope those of you who entered had as much fun sending us your lunchbox tips, tricks and memories as we did reading them. It was REALLY hard to narrow it down, but after much deliberation, we have our three winners who will receive Tilla-Moos!


“My Mom always slipped love-notes into my lunch each day. You never knew where it would be…rolled up in my carrots on orange paper, between my Tillamook cheese slices INSIDE my sandwich…it was a mystery! It felt good to know that she remembered important stuff that was going on in my world. ‘You’ll do great on your math test today! Love, Mom’

Monday, my daughter starts her first day of Kindergarten and I plan on carrying on the tradition my Mom started 33 years ago. It was more than just a note, it was a reminder how much she cared. Much like how much Tillamook cares when they make the best cheese and ice cream I know of! Just hold back the urge to stick a love note in my Chocolate PB ice cream! I love you too!”

SECOND PLACE: Russa Kittredge

“I use a crinkle cutter to make Tillamook cheese ‘french fries’ for my kids.”

THIRD PLACE: Diana Warner

“Instead of using a ice pack I always freeze Tillamook yogurt and by the time they eat it it’s defrosted. I also make a sandwich with Tillamook cheese and use cookie cutters to make cute shapes. You can never forget writing on the napkin something cute so you always know they are thinking of you….”

Thanks to everyone who entered!

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