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Crazy for Tillamook


Meet some of our most beloved and inspiring fans as you discover that passion for Dairy Done Right runs really, really deep.

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Fan Stories

Try it and you’ll get it

A Family of Ice Cream Experts

About 4 years ago, we had a bunch of friends over on a quest to find the best peanut butter chocolate ice cream out there. We bought every brand we could find. When the scores were tallied, Tillamook was the clear winner. Knowing that Tillamook came out on top, we set out to try ALL of your other flavors and are now self-proclaimed Tillamook Ice Cream experts. Any of our friends or family would tell you the same. Since that time, we have on average 15–20 cartons in our freezer and often invite others to free Tillamook Ice Cream buffets. We even send National Ice Cream Day cards from our family!

Spencer Whitham
A White (Cheddar) Wedding

Joel Widmer is a Tillamook native who loves the cheese so much he had a 40-lb. block of Tillamook as the groom’s cake at his wedding in Nashville. "I chose it for my groom's cake because I’m not big on sweets, so this was the obvious next choice. I chose my all-time favorite—the Vintage White Extra Sharp Cheddar. I grew up a few miles away from the Tillamook Cheese Factory so I don’t remember when I first tried it—it was probably before I could talk. I’ve tried a ton of other cheeses since then, and none come close."

Joel Widmer
A Cheesy Silent Night with @stormof69, @sofiavontrapp, and @amandavontrapp
Dessert in the Desert

What’s the one thing you need to be sure to pack for a birthday spent in a hot, hot desert? Ice cream. And with a crew to boot, you’ll want an extra tub for each. Karen Jo and three of her closest friends set off for Palm Springs ready to celebrate her 26th birthday with A LOT of Tillamook Mudslide in tow. They laughed, they played some epic games, and they probably got a brain freeze or two. All in a birthday’s work.

Karen Jo
Tillie, the Canine Artist

Explore the works of Tillamook Cheddar, the talented canine artist with a name we are all very familiar with. Submit your Tillamook love story and you may be one of the lucky fans who will win a piece of her artwork.

Tillamook Cheddar
A+ Cheddar

"For a math project, Lucas decided to make a true-to-scale, humorous Tillamook Cheddar Cheese Baby Loaf because he’s a true Oregonian. He also might be made of about 10% cheese because this kid eats a lot of it. Since we are 5th- and 6th-generation Oregonians, we’ve been eating Tillamook since we were born! A baby loaf is a constant staple in our fridge—and as the youngest says, 'Is there any other cheese that even counts other than Tillamook???'”

Margaret Gerlt