Whether you're looking for naturally-aged cheese that melts to perfection or really creamy ice cream for tasty treats, we've got you covered.

Available Products

  • Cheese
    • Medium Cheddar (Aged over 60 days)

      A century in the eating, Tillamook Medium Cheddar is still made from the same recipe we’ve used for over 100 years. While our equipment might look a little different these days, we use only four simple ingredients and age every batch naturally for at least 60 days. No wonder it was voted “World’s Best Medium Cheddar.”

    • Kosher Medium Cheddar (Aged over 60 days)

      Vegetarian-friendly and made with rabbinical guidance, Tillamook Kosher Medium Cheddar is a taste-alike version of our rich and creamy Medium Cheddar. That means it’s made with our century-old recipe and naturally aged for at least 60 days. Plus, our farmer-owners use milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones.* Now that’s kosher.

    • Reduced Fat Medium Cheddar

      Want to take the calories down a notch without sacrificing flavor? Meet our Reduced Fat Medium Cheddar. It’s made from the same century-old recipe as our Medium Cheddar and aged naturally for the same amount of time (60 days), but we use part-skim milk to give it one-third less fat. That’s it. Simple. Tasty. And nothing artificial.

    • Smoked Medium Cheddar (Aged over 60 days)

      Tillamook Medium Cheddar is made with four simple, natural ingredients and aged for 60 days, just like it has been for over a century. Once it’s aged to perfect complexity it hits the hardwood smoker, coming out hickory-kissed and ready to add to your cheese plate or tuck inside your sandwich. It won’t go unnoticed.

    • Smoked Extra Sharp White Cheddar (Aged over 18 months)

      Like your cheese with a little smoke on it? We hear you. Like it even better with some age on it? We agree. In fact, we agree 18 months over. That’s the precise amount of time our extra sharp white cheddar spends naturally aging before getting hardwood smoked. The result is a clean, rich cheddar taste with a mellow, smoky edge.

    • Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar (Aged over 15 months)

      Special. Reserve. Extra. Can you tell from the way we talk about it that we’re proud? We start with four simple, natural ingredients including our high-quality, farm-fresh milk. Then for more than 15 months, we naturally age every nibble of Tillamook Special Reserve Extra Sharp Cheddar, which gives it a strong and complex flavor. Feature it on cheese boards, and add it to homemade sauces (if you’re looking to show off).

    • Medium White Cheddar (Aged over 60 days)

      Each day of the more than 60 days Tillamook Medium White Cheddar spends aging, makes it grow fuller and bolder in flavor. It does all this while maintaining the velvety-smooth texture and creaminess our cheeses are known for, thanks to our high-quality, farm-fresh milk. It makes fruit swoon and wine sing (and it tends to have the same effect on people, too).

    • Sharp White Cheddar (Aged over 9 months)

      For nine whole months, Vintage Sharp White Cheddar waits. It waits and it waits because that’s how we make cheese—without rushing it out the door. Once its full, sharp flavor has just enough bite to pair magically with crackers, meats, smoked fish, nuts, and wine—we’re satisfied. And if that sounds like a feast, it’s because nine months of preparation deserves a celebration.

    • Extra Sharp White Cheddar (Aged over 18 months)

      What happens over the course of 18 months? Well, let’s see. The seasons change six times. The sun rises and sets 547 times. And the farmer-owners of Tillamook age one fine cheese. We start with three simple, natural ingredients, including the highest-quality milk. Then we leave out anything artificial. Finally, we pack on the months (18 to be exact). The result is a rich and complex white cheddar whose flavor blossoms with every bite.

    • Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar (Aged over 2 years)

      Two years ago was always a good year where Tillamook Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar is concerned. That’s because we start with three simple, natural ingredients and make each batch two years in advance, giving it time to age into a creamy, crumbly texture with complex flavor. Judges at the 2013 United States Championship Cheese Contest® agree, naming it “America’s Best.” Try it with fruit, wine, and anything else your palate fancies.

    • Vintage Extra Sharp White Cheddar (Aged over 3 years)

      You know what they say – age doesn’t matter, unless you’re talking about cheese. Our Vintage White Extra Sharp is made from the highest-quality milk with only three other ingredients. We age it naturally for more than three years, making it our oldest and wisest cheddar, and giving it a distinguished, refined, beautifully bold taste. It’s perfect for palates that love the complex taste of aged cheddar. No wonder it won 1st place at the 2013 American Cheese Society awards.

    • Garlic White Cheddar

      Cheddar gets better with age—and garlic. So we gave this one some of both. Our natural aging process takes longer, but the distinct cheddar flavors that develop over time make it worth the wait. To this white cheddar we add real roasted garlic for a mellow, savory flavor profile that’s not for the faint-of-palate.

    • Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar

      Unlike other cheddars you might find on the shelf, ours are all aged naturally so their complex flavors can develop over time. Along with the savory taste of roast garlic and tongue-tingling flecks of red chili peppers, that’s what gives our Garlic Chili Pepper Cheddar the kick and bite you crave. So come on and get the party started, even if it’s just the one at lunch.

    • Hot Habanero Jack

      Our farmer-owners decided safety should be first when they set out to make this spicy cheese. Real habanero and jalapeño peppers start a fire, but mellow Monterey Jack puts it out. No insurance policy is necessary. This is just bite after blazing bite of real cheese made with natural ingredients.

    • Pepper Jack

      With its fresh taste, our mild Monterey Jack is the perfect host for fiery bites of peppers. And just like all our real cheese, it contains no artificial ingredients and is made with our high-quality, farm-fresh milk. It’s a taste sensation that would knock the socks right off your taste buds. That is, if your taste buds wore socks.

    • Smoked Black Pepper White Chedddar

      We’ve taken our creamy White Cheddar and peppered it with real hickory-smoked cracked black peppercorns. And the peppercorns aren’t the only real part. Our cheddar is made from four simple ingredients and aged naturally for a complex taste. Not only does the loaf look great in its peppercorn polka dots, it tastes great in them too. We think your party will agree.

    • Colby

      With its mellow, buttery taste and soft texture, Colby is the cheese next door that fits in anywhere. And it really is from next door. That’s because our co-op is made up of nearly 100 dairy farming families who pour their hearts and milk into our cheese. Sandwiches love our Colby, salads agree, and pretty much anything likes being topped with it. It’s the greatest thing since snacktime was invented. But then again, Colby invented snacktime.

    • Colby Jack

      These two Tillamook Cheeses were made for each other. And we make them for each other, naturally, without any artificial ingredients and with milk from cows not treated with growth hormones.* The result is a smooth, mellow flavor, a colorful medley of yellow and white, and an award-winning taste. Tillamook Colby Jack was voted ‘America’s Best’ at the United States Championship Cheese Contest® twice in a row, making it perfect for dressing up any party plate.

    • Monterey Jack

      You’ve heard of easy peasy? Well, meet easy cheesy. Our Monterey Jack’s fresh flavor and meltability make it the perfect companion cheese for enchiladas and queso, not to mention to-die-for grilled cheese. It’s all thanks to how we make it and what we make it from: high-quality, farm-fresh milk that’s never from cows treated with artificial growth hormones.* It even took first place at the United States Championship Cheese Contest®. Easy peasy.

    • Reduced Fat Monterey Jack

      What’s the skinny on our Reduced Fat Monterey Jack Cheese? Just like all our cheeses, we make it with high-quality, farm-fresh milk that comes from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones.* And we don’t add anything artificial. That would be unnatural. We simply make it with part-skim milk, and voila—one-third less fat than regular Monterey Jack Cheese.

    • Muenster

      Tillamook Muenster slices are dying to meet your next sandwich or snack. Unlike some other cheeses, ours is 100% real, made with no artificial ingredients, including coloring. Their creamy, easy-to-melt goodness trimmed in orange, goes mouth-wateringly well with every food you can think of, and then some.

    • Mozzarella

      Creamy and mild, Tillamook Mozzarella was made to do exactly what you want it to: melt atop scrumptious dishes. That’s because we make it with the highest-quality, farm-fresh milk. Our facilities even use larger pipes than most to transport our milk so that we’re extra gentle to it. Use our Mozzarella to crown pizzas, fold it between layers of lasagna, or melt it atop pasta. It goes from shreds to gooey meltedness before you can even say cheese.

    • Swiss

      The holes in Tillamook Swiss form as the cheese ages naturally and develops its slightly sweet, slightly nutty taste. We use nothing artificial when we make it and only the highest-quality milk that comes straight to our factories within an hour of leaving the farm. Our Swiss is aged at least 60 days, but you’re lucky if it lasts one.

    • Mexican 2 Cheese Blend

      Tillamook Medium Cheddar and Pepper Jack Cheese team up to pack twice the flavor into this shredded blend. And neither is short on flavor alone. Our Medium Cheddar is aged naturally for 60 days, just like its century-old recipe calls for. And our Pepper Jack is laced with real bits of peppers. Uno, open the bag. Dos, use it to top tacos, enchiladas, and nachos. Olé!

  • Ice Cream
    • Banana Split

      It’s the sundae you love, but turned inside out, right into your bowl. And because we make it with extra cream you get an extra smooth and rich ice cream. Now that’s a split you’ll definitely want to do.

    • Caramel Butter Pecan

      We took rich and buttery caramel macchiato ice cream, adorned it with a velvety caramel ribbon, and topped it off with pecans. But that’s not all we did. We added extra cream—and that means an especially rich ice cream with better taste. And we do declare, this is a butter pecan any southerner would approve of.

    • Caramel Toffee Crunch

      There’s not much we didn’t pack into this carton of ice cream. Stake a claim with your spoon and you’ll hit layer after layer of tastiness, from toffee pieces to cookie bits, pecans to almonds, chocolate to coconut, all buried in a bed of vanilla ice cream. It’s dense with deliciousness and rich to boot, and that’s because we pack it with extra cream not extra air. Dig in. And in and in and in.

    • Chocolate

      Our time-honored Dutch Chocolate Ice Cream has taken a lot of lickings over the years. And here’s why. We don’t whip extra air into any of our cartons—instead, we add more cream for a delightfully creamy taste. Today our Dutch Chocolate is as smooth and creamy as ever and tastes delicious whether scooped on top of other tasty treats or simply performing solo.

    • Chocolate Peanut Butter

      Chocolate. Peanut butter. Who even remembers how they taste separately? They’re like two halves that add up to way more than a whole. That’s why we combined our rich chocolate ice cream with a creamy peanut butter ripple. They were destined to be as one.

    • Chocolaty Chip Cookie Dough

      Remember how you used to sneak cookie dough when mom wasn’t looking? Well, introducing creamy cookie dough ice cream, sweet chocolate chips, and bites of cookie dough, all for the taking! It’s like childhood, only better. Right down to the part where you lick the bowl.

    • Cinnamon Horchata

      Scoop yourself a tall, cold glass of horchata, warmed with the sweet spice of Vietnamese cinnamon. Just like the Mexican drink made from rice and milk, our ice cream version is rich, creamy, and smooth. Using milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones*, we add extra cream to the mix because more cream equals a richer, better taste. So kick back, swap your straw for a spoon, and enjoy.

    • Coffee Almond Fudge

      Introducing the best way to take your coffee: with cream, sugar, nuts, and fudge. We took our creamy coffee ice cream and swirled in butter-roasted almonds with a rich chocolate fudge ripple. The perfect pick-me-up!

    • Cookies and Cream

      For this classic flavor we used high-quality, farm-fresh cream with no artificial growth hormones* and made a rich French vanilla ice cream. Then we added a flood of chocolate sandwich cookie pieces that we stole from the cookie jar. Now is that such a crime?

    • Espresso Mocha

      Tillamook has brewed up something really special. We took the highest quality milk with no artificial growth hormones*, turned it into real coffee ice cream, and then stirred in chocolaty espresso chips. We’re pretty sure you’ll take a tall order of this.

    • Fireside S'mores

      Now here's something they didn't teach us in scouts: when you take extra cream, pair it with Dutch chocolate, add a toasted marshmallow swirl, and bits of graham crackers, you get tasty Tillamook Fireside S’mores Ice Cream. No kindling necessary. Tastes just like those campfire s'mores you a little help from the freezer.

    • French Vanilla

      Our French Vanilla is the real deal for more than one reason. Like all of our ice cream, we make it with the highest quality, farm-fresh milk and add extra cream into the mix. That means it’s a thicker, denser, ice cream and it tastes richer. We also use real Madagascar vanilla because we believe it’s the best you can find. Tuck into a carton and we think you’ll find it beaucoup amazing.

    • Malted Moo Shake

      Malted vanilla ice cream and bits of milk chocolate take enjoying a bowl of this ice cream from sipping on a frothy milkshake to sipping on a frothy milkshake at the diner counter. We make it like they used to for this classic flavor. And in our case, like they used to is how we do it every time. Farm-fresh milk and extra cream—never extra air—add up to a thicker, richer carton of old-timey ice cream. It’s that nostalgic and that good.

    • Marionberry Pie

      Never mind topping your slice with a scoop. What’s the best way for pie and ice cream lovers to enjoy both tasty treats? We took real Madagascar vanilla and a ripple of Oregon marionberries with real pie crust pieces and added them to our recipe. And because ice cream should be creamy, not full of extra air, we added more farm-fresh cream to the mix. Easy as pie!

    • Mint Chocolate Chip

      If mint has a way of cleansing the palate and chocolate has a way of satisfying the soul, you can imagine what the two do together. We add extra cream to our refreshing mint ice cream and sprinkle it with chunks of real chocolate fudge. And there aren’t any artificial colors in this carton because real mint isn’t bright green.

    • Mountain Huckleberry

      If a huckleberry bush falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it still make a sound? We’re not sure, but somebody should definitely collect those berries and make some tasty ice cream. And that’s exactly what we did. We started with farm-fresh cream with no artificial growth hormones*, and whipped in just the right amount of air. Then we added real, rich Madagascar vanilla. It makes for the perfect canvas on which to swirl these sweet, tart, little berries.

    • Old-Fashioned Vanilla

      For those of you who prefer your vanilla free of newfangledness, we offer a simple classic that’s worthy of its name. It all begins with milk no artificial growth hormones*. Then we add more of the good stuff—extra cream for a smoother, richer taste. We use real, pure Madagascar vanilla, known for its sweet and creamy flavor. The result is a mouthwatering taste for this tried and true favorite.

    • Orange Sherbet

      Knock, knock. Who’s there? Orange Sherbet - the smooth, sweet, citrusy summertime taste of your childhood. Tillamook Orange Sherbet is a refreshing, low-fat treat for the kid in all of us.

    • Oregon Dark Cherry

      Why settle for a cherry on top when you can have cherries through and through? We picked the sweetest, Oregon-grown dark cherries and combined them with the highest quality milk with no artificial growth hormones*. And since cherries love cream, we add more of it to each carton for an extra rich, extra smooth ice cream. Life is a bowl of cherries!

    • Oregon Blueberry Patch

      Oregon grows a mean blueberry. And by mean, we mean sweet and juicy. So we wouldn’t think of getting our blueberries anywhere else (and especially not from a commodity market). We make our blueberry ice cream with farm-fresh milk and extra cream for a smoother, richer taste. Plus, it’s chock full of pieces of real, juicy blueberries.

    • Oregon Hazelnut & Salted Caramel

      Hazelnuts don’t get much better than the variety grown in Oregon. Their delicate, nutty flavor lets their rich and savory hazelnuttiness shine. Along with a ribbon of salted caramel, we introduced them to hazelnut ice cream to make our Oregon Hazelnut & Salted Caramel Ice Cream. We use extra cream and high-quality milk, which come from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones*. We had a feeling this balance of sweet and savory ingredients would get along. Turns out we were right. And we like doing things right.

    • Oregon Strawberry

      We’re pretty proud of our strawberries in this neck of the berry patch. We’re equally proud of our creamy ice cream made with the highest quality milk with no artificial growth hormones*. In fact, we’re so proud that we’d never whip extra air into our cartons, just extra cream. Combining the best berries we can source with extra cream means each carton weighs a tad more, but we don’t think you’ll mind. Our cone overfloweth.

    • Rocky Road

      Whoever originally paved this road, we’re glad they left it rocky. Our take on the classic flavor features a chunky blend of almond pieces and mini marshmallows against a backdrop of our chocolaty ice cream. We don’t cut corners when it comes to making it by whipping in extra air–instead we add extra cream. But there is one corner we did cut–we left this road rocky because chunkier tastes better.

    • Salted Butterscotch

      Let’s take it way back to the days when ice cream was churned up with a little help from the family cow. Okay, maybe we don’t go quite that far back. But we do use the highest quality, farm-fresh milk. We combine it with more cream than we need to because that’s how you get great-tasting butterscotch ice cream. Then we swirl it with even more butterscotch and a dash of sea salt.

    • Tillamook Mudslide

      With rich chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge chunks, and a decadent fudge ripple, Tillamook Mudslide Ice Cream is waves of chocolate upon chocolate upon chocolate. With extra cream and no artificial growth hormones*, each spoonful is dangerously delicious.

    • Udderly Chocolate

      The forecast inside this container calls for a twister of creamy Dutch chocolate and white chocolate ice creams with a 100% chance of chocolate-flake flurries. It all starts with a flood of our farm-fresh milk. Then we add extra cream to the mix because its what makes our ice cream taste, well, extra creamy. Next, we make it rain chocolate. Just another tasty day in paradise.

    • Vanilla Bean

      We took America’s favorite ice cream flavor and filled it with loads of real crushed Madagascar vanilla beans and extra cream. It all starts with farm-fresh milk with no artificial growth hormones*. And because we add extra cream into every batch, there’s no room for extra air. This is the rare vanilla ice cream that can stand on its own, proud and unencumbered by neither pie nor cake.

    • Vanilla Chocolate Chip

      Why mess with a classic that’s been around since the dawn of ice cream? We didn’t. Instead we made it the way we do all of our ice cream—starting with farm-fresh milk and adding in extra cream to fill up each carton, not extra air. Then we mix in real Madagascar vanilla and bits of premium chocolate chips. It’s a taste and a crunch you’ll remember from ice cream cones of yesteryear.

    • White Chocolate Raspberry Yum

      A swirl of juicy Northwest-grown raspberries liven up the mellow, creamy flavor of white chocolate ice cream for a taste sensation your tongue will understand. We start with high-quality milk and then add in extra cream, not extra air, because we don’t like to cut corners. And speaking of uncut corners, we source the best berries we can find. It’s all part of our charge to make ice cream the right way, which also happens to be the most delicious way. Coincidence? We think not.

    • Wild Mountain Blackberry

      This ice cream is inspired by the road less taken. The blackberry flavored ice cream road that is, filled with real, sweet, sun-ripened mountain blackberries. You know that one, right? Into the mix for every batch goes extra cream—not extra air. The result is farm-fresh creaminess laced with blackberry sweetness.

    • Coconut Punch Tillabars

      Need a vacation? Here’s one on a stick. We start with coconut ice cream, and then wrap it around a sweet fruit punch sorbet with no artificial colors. Next, we dip it in real white chocolate, and sprinkle it with coconut flakes. We spared no expense for this ice cream vacation. And every bite is worth it.

    • Dark Chocolate Raspberry Truffle Tillabars

      We took the indulgent sensation of biting into a truffle to reveal a molten raspberry center and turned it into an ice cream experience. Nestled in the center of our decadent chocolate gelato is a tart raspberry sorbet core made from hand-picked Pacific Northwest raspberries. A dark chocolate shell encases the entire bar for that authentic crunch with every bite. And because indulgence must eventually meet practicality, we gave it a handle, too.

    • Lemonilla Tillabars

      Our Tillabars are a multi-layered surprise for your taste buds, and our Lemonilla variety features no fewer than three tastes and textures. In the center is a tart lemon sorbet. It’s surrounded by our Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream made with no artificial growth hormones*. Then we finish each one off with a dip in real white chocolate for a sweet crunch with every bite. Complex construction, but that’s how we do dessert right.

    • Moocha Latte Tillabars

      How do we take our coffee? On a stick, please. We’d like it in frozen form—creamy coffee ice cream with a surprise chocolate center. Make sure it’s made from high-quality milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones*. Hold the high fructose corn syrup, go heavy on the rich cream, and dip it all in a decadent dark chocolate shell. You can do that, right? Coming right up.

    • Old Fashioned Vanilla Tillabars

      There’s nothing like two classic flavors comingled on a stick. Our Old-Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream comes from the highest quality milk with no artificial growth hormones*. We add real Madagascar vanilla, then we put it all on a stick and dip it in delicious milk chocolate for a sweet and crunchy finish. Take one bite and we think you’ll take another.

    • Salted Caramel Swirl Tillabars

      Each bite of our Salted Caramel Swirl Tillabars packs a paradox for your taste buds to decipher. If they can’t quite figure it out on the first bite, that’s ok. Just take another one. We make our rich vanilla-caramel ice cream with no high fructose corn syrup. Then we mix it with salty caramel swirls and it’s all wrapped inside a milk-chocolate shell. You’ll definitely need another bite to figure it out.

    • Chocolate Hazelnut Tillamookies

      We use real hazelnut butter from Oregon hazelnuts in the gelato between these Tillamookie halves. That delicate nutty flavor goes hand in hand with rich chocolate and we combine both with high quality milk. Our waffle cone cookies are inspired by a cone just like you’d find in an ice cream shop, are made with real butter and brown sugar, and never any high fructose corn syrup. Each is baked to perfection and dipped in dark chocolate before becoming part of this three-piece gelato sandwich masterpiece.

    • Mint Chocolate Chip Tillamookies

      If there’s one thing chocolate loves more than mint, it’s cookies. And if there’s one thing cookies love more than chocolate, it’s cream. It’s a good thing we’ve checked all the boxes with our Mint Chocolate Chip Tillamookies. Tasty waffle cone cookies coated in dark chocolate are made from real butter and brown sugar and no high fructose corn syrup. Two of them hug it out with mint chocolate chip ice cream, made with high-quality milk, and no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.

    • Oregon Strawberry Tillamookies

      Sweet, sweet Oregon strawberries—how we love thee. Our Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream is an ode to them. For each Tillamookie, we sandwich it in between waffle cone cookies made with real butter and brown sugar and no high fructose corn syrup. Each cookie is baked to perfection and dipped in dark chocolate for a well-rounded treat.

    • Vanilla Bean Tillamookies

      For our Vanilla Bean Tillamookie, we’ve reengineered your favorite ice cream cone. We started with an ice cream shop -inspired recipe for waffle cones made from real butter and brown sugar. Baked to perfection, each is dipped in dark chocolate then used to sandwich a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream, brimming with flavor from real Madagascar vanilla beans. It may just turn your idea of a cone on its head. But you won’t lose your scoop.

  • Butter
    • Sweet Cream Salted

      What tastes better with our rich and savory Salted Butter? Let us count the things. Toast, baguettes, and challah. Sweet bread, buns, and bagels. Corn bread, pancakes, and muffins right out of the oven. We make it with farm-fresh milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones*. Whatever you top with it turns to gold. That’s the true test of a good butter.

    • Sweet Cream Unsalted

      We make Tillamook Unsalted Butter from farm-fresh milk. And by farm-fresh we mean it arrives at our factories within an hour of leaving the farm. Our butter is made with milk from cows not treated with artificial growth hormones.* So you can trust the creamy staple to bring out the best in your favorite recipes. You control the flavor while Tillamook Unsalted Butter does all the work.