Mac and Cheese

Sauce Starters

Real cheese meets expertly-blended spices to give you creamy, homemade cheese sauce in half the time.

Mix. Melt. Enjoy.

Each of our four flavor blends easily come together in minutes, making it the ideal go-to for busy weeknight dinners or quick snacks. Just mix our cheese blends and expertly-crafted seasonings into milk, melt together until creamy, and enjoy on just about anything.


You Can’t Fake The Real Thing

The tangy bite of naturally-aged Sharp Cheddar, the mild cheesiness of Colby Jack... some flavors you just can’t fake. Our sauces combine the iconic taste of Tillamook Cheese, with a smooth, creamy meltability that can only come from real cheese.

Scalloped Potatoes
Upgrade your classics. Discover new favorites.

From homemade pizza nights to game day eats, Tillamook Sauce Starters are your new secret weapon in the kitchen. Inside every package is a new opportunity to create a decadently yummy dish your family and friends are sure to love. Because, hey, everything tastes better with cheese.

Fetteccine Alfredo

Sauce Starters

Real homemade cheese sauce in half the time.

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