Melty Cheese Pizza

Farmstyle Cut
Shredded Cheese

There’s a thick cut on shredded cheese from Tillamook. The better to contain our farmer values.

Bigger Shreds

You’ll recognize our shreds in the grocery aisle because they’re grated on the generous side, just like you would at home. Our thick and coarse farmstyle cut is bigger, melty-er and tastier. Plus, our farmers’ hard work is packed into every shred.

Bigger Farmstyle Cut Shreds
Better Melt

The bigger the shred, the better the stretch. And the better the stretch, the bigger the melt. Thicker shreds of cheese just deliver more when the heat is on. Simply put, if your food needs topping, Tillamook shreds are its crowning glory.

Realer Cheese

Every thick-cut shred of our cheese is a chip off the old block—literally. We grate shreds directly from the same 40-pound blocks of our award-winning cheese. So the same high standards and real ingredients that go into our cheese remain in every shred.



When it comes to shredded cheese, size matters. Our Farmstyle cut is bigger than your average shred, which means richer flavor and smoother melting.

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