Premium Ice Cream

Smooth, creamy ice cream made the right way means adding extra cream, not extra air.

Creaminess Above All

We add extra cream, not extra air to every carton of our premium ice cream. Pick one up and you’ll find it’s heavy–a half-pound heavier than the FDA standard. And we never add artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives.

We Don’t Stop at Ice Cream

What’s mixed in is just as important as the ice cream itself. We source fruit and nuts like Oregon berries and hazelnuts from partners who share our values. And because we know exactly where they come from, we proudly emblazon origins on our labels.


Big and buttery – that’s how you know they’re from Oregon.


Adding extra cream, not extra air, means our cartons weigh approximately half a pound more per gallon than the FDA standard. And it means there’s more ice cream to go around.

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