Grilled Strawberry Cheesecake Sandwich

  • 2min
    prep time
  • 12min
    total time
  • 3

“The Grilled Strawberry Cheesecake Sandwich is a sweet take on the traditional grilled cheese sandwich that is unexpectedly delicious.” - Laurie Caspell of the Tillamook Packaging Team

Let's Make This Recipe!

  • Step 1

    Lightly butter 6 slices of bread. Place 3 slices butter side down on a flat skillet.

  • Step 2

    Top each piece of bread on the skillet with 2 slices of cheese. Then, place the other bread slices butter-side up on top.

  • Step 3

    Grill 4-5 minutes, or until you see the cheese has melted and the bread is golden brown.

  • Step 4

    Move grilled cheese sandwiches to a plate and set aside.

  • Step 5

    Mix cream cheese with the honey and vanilla. If desired, powdered sugar can be used in place of the honey.

  • Step 6

    Spread approximately 1 tablespoon of strawberry jam over the grilled sandwich.

  • Step 7

    Gently spread 1 tablespoon of the cream cheese mix on top of the jam.

  • Step 8

    Place the strawberries in a flower design as shown in the photo, and place ½ of a grape in the center of the strawberry flower.

  • Step 9