Fulfilled Employees

Our people our priority.

Why Fulfilled Employees

Over 100 years of dedicated employees.

It takes extra-special employees to stay in business this long. We're committed to helping them thrive by fostering a culture that is enriching and fulfilling. We put tremendous effort into creating opportunities for our employees to connect and build relationships. And we’re invested in helping them be safe and supported, on the job and off.

One of the goals of the Tillamook Cares program is to identify meaningful activities that everyone can enjoy ... there is one common factor across all these activities — Tillamook employees love their communities.”

—Abby Carroll, Tillamook Total Rewards Manager
Two employees on a farm.
Inclusion and diversity in who we are and the ways we think.

Our Values

Card-carrying culture champions.

Our culture is defined by five shared values that ground us, give us purpose, and help us find meaning in our work. They aren't just lofty goals in a presentation. They're printed on cards, actively lived, and put into action.

  • To connect farmers and food lovers through better made dairy products.

  • Choosing to do the long-term right thing.

  • Good Stewards

    Choosing to do the long-term right thing for our farmers, employees, consumers, communities, environment, and our brand.

  • Uncompromising Quality

    Committed to quality and to continuously improving.

  • One Team

    Keeping our commitments, valuing diverse perspectives, and collaborating towards the same goal.

  • Play to Win

    Confidently pursuing innovation and growth without compromising our values.

  • Genuinely Care

    We care for each other, serving each other with empathy and honesty.

A work environment that gets high scores.

To measure our commitment to Fulfilled Employees, our Tillamook site underwent its first-ever social and ethical compliance audit with Supplier Ethical Data Exchange (SEDEX). Companies around the world use the SEDEX platform to collect data about treatment of employees. They look at us to determine if we have a safe and comfortable work environment. After substantial interaction with our employees and evaluation of our business practices, the SEDEX auditor determined that our overall performance compared to the top 10 percent of companies he has ever audited. It’s great news for now and provides a baseline as we continue to improve.

Tillamook employees send cheese along the manufacturing line. All employees receive safety and Good Manufacturing Practices training to ensure they are prepared for the job.

Why I Love Working At Tillamook

When I heard our packaging line was going to be down for renovations, I was worried I’d just be out of work and without pay for that week. But we got to work in another way—by serving the community. And we got paid for doing it. After a day of company training, we spent the rest of the week building school gardens and caring for the elderly at assisted living facilities.”

—Wendy Jo Wolf, Tillamook Food Safety Programs Manager
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Our culture is defined by five values that ground us.

Happy employees make a company better—we’ve witnessed it firsthand. And we intend to keep it that way. Our Tillamook employees make everything possible, which is why we’re committed to helping them succeed. Not just at work, but in life.

A corkboard full of community photos.
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