Sustained Natural Resources

The environment sustains us and we sustain it.

Why Sustained Natural Resources

We must protect the resources that sustain us.

For generations, our farmer-owners have conserved air, land, and water—their livelihoods depend on it. As a co-op, we’re pouring our human energy into reducing energy and waste—at the farms, in our facilities, and across our truck fleet. There’s still a lot of work to do, but we press on because our products, people, and planet are counting on us.

Agriculture, as a whole, has become more sustainable with a smaller environmental footprint. It’s not one individual farmer’s story. It’s everybody’s.”

–Derrick Josi, Tillamook Farmer-owner

Limiting our footprint, acknowledging our hoofprint.

Milk production, by nature, creates a footprint. The vast majority of that footprint comes from cow burps and farts, a natural process. While we cannot change the fact that cows are ruminant animals that produce a good deal of gas, we are working to improve our footprint on farms and in other areas to have a positive impact in as many places as possible.

Poop power.

Yep, we’re converting cow waste into energy and by-products. It’s been happening for centuries—we call it the original circular economy. Thanks to new technology and cutting-edge equipment, the process is more widespread and effective than ever.

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Since the 1940s, there has been a 41% reduction in the dairy industry's carbon footprint.

Modern milk production requires less resources to produce the same amount of milk, resulting in the use of:

Feed the future.

From farm to facilities to fork, we are hyper-focused on minimizing waste while helping to feed those in need. We strive to send zero waste to the landfill, a goal we have yet to achieve, but we're making progress. We have a three-pronged approach to feed the future: increase farm productivity, minimize any waste, and address food insecurity.


Our commitment to Sustained Natural Resources extends from our farms to our facilities and throughout our supply chain.

We’re empowering great people who are taking advantage of breakthrough technology and innovation to reduce our environmental impact and preserve natural resources.

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