Product Excellence

Pursuing quality. building trust.

Why Product Excellence?

Excellence goes beyond quality food.

You expect our products to be delicious. That’s a given. You also expect them to be wholesome and made the right way. We expect all of that, too. For us, Product Excellence extends from highest quality milk to human rights principles. And it’s why we’re working hard to hold ourselves accountable across every aspect of our business—for every ingredient, component, process, supplier, and partner.

People tell me how they love the fact that they can make a grilled cheese sandwich with Tillamook cheese and have it taste the same as it did 40 years ago when their grandparents made one.”

—Erin Kelleway, Tillamook Director of Strategic Sourcing and Procurement
A 40lb block of cheese.
Making Tillamook Cheese

Feed Production

It all starts with the best feed.

Tillamook County is a rich alluvial plain with some of the best soil for producing food. Our farmer-owners take care of their land with intentional management practices—like cover cropping, no tilling, and nutrient management. They work closely with animal nutritionists, herd health consultants, and veterinarians to ensure cows get the best nutrition available.

And the highest quality ingredients.

Blueberries ripe for the picking.
Oregon Blueberries

Milk Production

Committed to high quality milk.

Our farmer-owners are committed to producing the best milk. And with some of the highest quality milk scores in the world, they’re doing just that. We're dedicated to helping them every step of the way by rewarding them with financial incentives for high quality ratings and by providing third-party quality evaluations to improve agricultural practices.

Processing & Packaging

Manufacturing matters.

Product Excellence requires diligent, precise manufacturing. That means we’re going above and beyond minimum regulatory compliance standards. It means we’re using technology for more efficient operations. And it means we’re setting ambitious goals toward continuous improvement.

R&D Team members assess cheese samples in our R&D lab.

Retail & Consumers

Packaged safe and sound.

The packaging for our products is just as important as products themselves. We strive to use food packaging that optimizes shelf life and prevents food spoilage so that less food will go to waste. We also look to reduce packaging weight, since heavier packaging leads to more fuel consumption during transportation and increased carbon emissions.

Getting everything out in the open.

Earning your trust is essential. And that trust cannot be compromised as we extend our business to outside suppliers. To protect this, we’re working with strong, like-minded partners whose shared values have allowed us to not only ensure the success of our farmer-owners, but also the excellence of our products.

A ribbon.

Our products have been the epitome of Product Excellence for many, many years.

We’re passionate about that experience staying consistent and true by considering everything from how our products taste to the way they’re made.

Cows on the side of a barn.
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