Temporary Visitors Center

Visitors welcome daily until our new Visitors Center opens in the summer of 2018!

We’re busy giving our Visitors Center a whole new look that we absolutely cannot wait for you to see. Construction is underway, but that doesn’t mean your Tillamook adventure is on hold. We built a temporary space for you to experience all the Tillamook deliciousness you know and love.



Behind every creamy spoonful, cheesy bite, and scoop of rich flavor is the high-quality milk that makes every Tillamook product taste so great. At our temporary Visitors Center, we give you an inside look, taking you to the place where it all begins: the farm.

Designed with help from our farmers, you'll get a chance to learn about what life is like on the farm and discover what it takes to produce the milk that makes our products rise above the rest. From life-size cow replicas to an exploration of how milk is produced on the farm, the moment you take a step inside the barn you are taken on a journey that brings to life a Tillamook farm experience.


Of course no Tillamook visit is complete without some cheesy goodness. You can sample our cheese to your heart’s content and purchase any Tillamook product under the sun—and even pick up a thing or two in our local Oregon products section. Grab lunch or a snack at our temporary cafe, and don’t forget dessert at the ice cream counter, where we’ll be scooping up every Tillamook flavor.

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