Visit the Cheese Factory for a sneak peek at how we do what we do. You can see where the cheese gets made! Tours of the factory are free and self-guided.

View the Cheesemaking Process

Milk from the farm is turned into cheese within 24 hours of arriving at the factory.

You're invited into our factory to see the cheesemaking process. Take a look for yourself.

Samples at the Cheese Factory

Ready to try the final product for yourself? Well, good news! We have a variety of cheese samples for you to enjoy. You could even conduct your own taste test.

(Spoiler alert: they're all yummy!)

A Cheese Factory favorite! Make sure to try our squeaky cheese curds – you're in for quite the tasty treat.

Shopping at the Cheese Factory

The Cheese Factory is a Tillamook-shopper’s paradise. Here you’ll find all our products, as well as t-shirts, toy buses, onesies, and other Tillamook merchandise. We also have a fully stocked Gourmet Shop, your go-to destination for Northwest goodies like smoked salmon, marionberry jam, and other Oregon favorites. Shop away!

Eating at the Cheese Factory

By this point you've probably worked up quite an appetite, so we have a range of food options for you.

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