The Tillamook Way, Since Way Back

The Tillamook Way is a way of life—the way our farmer-owners have done things since 1909. We cared for our farmer-owners, who cared for the land, which sustained healthier cows, which provided better milk. And better milk made better dairy products. It's a simple recipe that we've followed for over a century and it has never failed.

"Tillamook represents generations handed down, and we want it to be around forever. That’s why we’ll continue to put in the hard work, be good stewards and sustain our resources."

Shannon Lourenzo

Farm-Owner and Member of Tillamook Board of Directors


Looking toward the future, preserving our past.

You expect our products to be delicious. You also expect them to be made the right way. Our six Stewardship Commitments not only ground us, they guide us as we grow. That’s why we’re putting even more care and hard work into upholding our values as we move forward. Now and for generations to come.

Our History

A higher standard from day one.

We’re proud of the products we’ve produced, and the families we’ve fed along the way. As farmer-owners we’re not just stewards of the land and the animals we care for. We’re also stewards of a legacy. The decisions we make don’t just impact our cooperative, they impact our homes and partners. 

More than 20 years ago we built a second cheese production facility in Boardman, Oregon, and found a new milk supply partner who shares our values, Threemile Canyon Farms.

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Growing With Purpose

Best-in-class partners.

Tillamook is a farmer-owned co-op. Always has been. Always will be. This means that about 80 farming families in Tillamook County, on the coast of Oregon, own the company and benefit directly from its growth and success. Our headquarters, ownership and heritage are, and always will be, rooted in Tillamook, Oregon. Yet, as we continue to grow, our farmer-owners choose to work with the best-in-class business partners, including other milk suppliers, production facilities and distribution centers. If they don’t meet our standards, they don’t work with Tillamook.

Tillamook Valley Heritage

Honoring those who came before us.

Our headquarters in Tillamook, Oregon, is built on the land of the indigenous Tillamook and other native peoples. We recognize the many tribes who call the north Oregon coastal region their ancestral territory, and it is important to highlight the continued sovereignty of these Oregon tribes who have a connection to this place we call home. With deep respect, we acknowledge those who were here first, and whose continued presence is important to our future. 

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