CheeseStorage Tips

The role of our packaging is to protect our cheeses and ensure product quality, shelf life and nutritional benefits so you get the best product possible. But here are some tips to keep your cheese fresher longer once you bring it home.

Cheese Storage
PRESERVE FLAVORWrap your cheese in parchment and plastic to prevent it from absorbing unwanted flavors.
PREVENT MOLDTo prevent mold contamination, keep your cheese away from other mold-rinded cheese (think blue cheese).
WHERE TO STOREKeep your cheese in the crisper drawer, where the temperature is stable.
TEMPERATURE RANGEStore your cheese at 35-40° F. Our Slices and Shreds cheese packaging is resealable to keep cheese fresher longer!
CHEESE BLOCK “HAT”Cut 2-3” off the top of your cheese block to form a “hat”. Eat the sliced cheese then secure your block with the “hat” and a rubber band.
ENJOY!Most importantly—eat your cheese! These tips can help you store it a little longer but it won’t last forever.

Packaging Matters

We put a lot of thought into our packaging. If you’re curious to lean more, check out this video around how we intend to do right with our packaging choices.

Cheese, glorious cheese!

Bring home your favorite cheeses—or find a new cheesy love to try our storage tips on.