Donation Request Form

Our work and our people are intricately connected to our communities, so it’s important for us to invest in and improve them. Enriching the areas where our employees and farmer-owners live and work is our way of helping and supporting the communities that have stood by us for more than a century. When our communities are strong, so are we.

Each year, TCCA has committed to investing at least 4 percent of our annual profits back into the places we call home in three key areas: Agricultural Advocacy, Food Security, and Healthful Children. Examples of each category include:

  • Agricultural Advocacy - As a farmer-owned cooperative, we believe in supporting and advocating for farmers and farming across the nation. Examples of support includes agricultural education, fairs and parades, farmland protection, farmer support and rural community development. 

  • Food Security - We believe everyone should have access to wholesome food and we are committed to do our part to end hunger in Oregon. Examples of support includes food banks, food distribution organizations, school nutrition programs, shelters and food kitchens.

  • Healthful Children - We are committed to providing children with opportunities they need to be healthful and active because we recognize that food is fuel for learning, activities and ultimately, the health of our future communities. Examples of support includes kids and family nutrition programs, school gardens, sports, educational extracurricular programs, outdoor recreation programs and museums. 

Our grant evaluation criteria include:

  • Alignment with one or more of TCCA’s funding areas.

  • The extent of local support for this project.

  • The strength of the applicant organization.

  • The ability of the project to address a significant community need.

  • The impact made helps address racial, economic and/or geographic disparities in our communities.

Upon submission, you will receive an automated reply to confirm we have received your request. Please allow up to six weeks for a response. If you are requesting a specific Tillamook product, please apply at least two months in advance.