Craveable Cheese

We meticulously tend to every detail in our cheese-making process to ensure only the highest quality and most flavorful, craveable cheese makes it in your recipes and on your menu.

Aged with

time, not


Waiting longer to bring our cheddar to market may not be the most profitable way. But to us, taking the time to let our cheddars mature naturally is the right way. And the result is a bold, rich and delicious flavor. We naturally age all of our cheddar cheese, from 60 days to over 10 years, and our patience is rewarded with premium-quality cheese you will be proud to serve.

Simply the Best

Our sensory team methodically evaluates every single batch before it gets packaged, ensuring all cheddar that leaves our facilities tastes consistent and flavorful every time. We take our time to do it right, so you can feel confident Tillamook® Cheddar cheese and all our cheeses taste distinctive and perform exceptionally well in any signature recipe you create for your foodservice menu. After all, there’s no substitute for patience.

For when I gaze into your eyes
Of deepest blue I see,
You're everything I've longed for most
You set my spirit free.

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