Tillamook’s Commitment to Inclusion & Diversity

We rely on diverse perspectives, thoughts, backgrounds and cultures to fuel our innovation and growth.

We are committed to creating a climate of inclusion where all employees have an opportunity to contribute, feel valued and have a sense of belonging. Our Inclusion & Diversity Framework outlines the four goals we work toward every day and the actions we’re taking to accomplish them.

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Our inclusion & diversity framework and actions

Build conscious inclusion

To create a culture where everyone feels valued, we prioritize engaging and educating employees so they can model inclusive behavior. We’re doing this by:

  • Adopting a no-tolerance policy for racism and discrimination in our workplace.

  • Reviewing and ensuring policies and practices are inclusive and equitable, including pay practices, health care plans and family support programs.

  • Building our collective awareness around inclusion and diversity by celebrating and engaging employees in heritage events such as Black History Month, Pride celebration, and expanding company sponsorships for community events and programs that celebrate equity and diversity.

  • Measuring and monitoring the inclusion climate of TCCA.

Incorporate diversity of people & perspectives

With a goal of reflecting diversity of our communities in our workforce, we are working to invite diverse talent to join our teams. We are accomplishing this by:

  • Training our hiring managers on inclusive hiring practices so they can be aware of selection bias. Instead of seeking “culture fit,” we look for “culture add.”

  • Building diverse teams by partnering with organizations that connect us with a diverse pool of job candidates.

  • Striving for gender balance workforce in our employee base and leadership positions, including creating a supportive culture for women to advance and grow through paid leave, flexible work policies, pay equity and advancement opportunities.

Increase cultural agility

By equipping our people with cultural agility, they have the tools to genuinely care for each other and create a culture where each person feels a sense of belonging. Educating ourselves on unconscious bias also helps leaders learn how to support diverse teams. We are increasing cultural agility by:

  • Delivering regular Building an Inclusive Culture sessions to help us recognize unconscious bias and teach us how to take action to be an ally.

  • Offering group dialogue and conversation sessions facilitated by community leaders and experts.

  • Investing in leadership development programs to incorporate ongoing education on how to coach employees, give feedback and be more inclusive.

Create social impact on business & community

Beyond our employees, we strive to have an impact on racial, economic and geographic disparities in our communities. We’re doing this by:

  • Creating more access for minority and woman-owned businesses to work with TCCA (including consultants, vendors, caterers and venues).

  • Listening to diverse perspectives among our fans to inform our business and marketing strategies.

  • Driving impact in the communities where TCCA operates through our community enrichment program, which focuses on supporting three core areas: agricultural advocacy, food security and healthful children.

Holding ourselves accountable

Tillamook’s President and CEO Patrick Criteser and Executive Vice President of People & Culture Sheila Murty are co-executive sponsors of our commitment to building an inclusive culture and a workplace where people can thrive and feel a sense of belonging. They hold us accountable and frequently communicate the importance of this commitment. Our president & CEO also took the CEO Action Pledge to advance inclusion and diversity in the workplace.

We are doubling down on our commitment to fostering an inclusive workplace where employees feel their voices are heard and that they matter. And we will keep prioritizing our work on raising our collective awareness through educating, acknowledging and speaking up when we see words or actions that are inconsistent with fostering an inclusive culture.

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There isn’t a more important time to be vigilant when it comes to intentionally strengthening our workplace culture, and especially fostering inclusion and helping each person feel a sense of belonging. In times like this, we have to focus on what we can do, each of us in our own way. We have the incredible opportunity to be better as people and to emerge with an even stronger bond with each other. Now is the time for leaders to double down on inclusion.

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