New Neapolitan Ice Cream

Mar 14, 2023

Three cheers for Neapolitan

After extensive research and numerous taste tests, we are excited to announce the latest flavor in our Premium Ice Cream lineup: extra creamy Tillamook Neapolitan Ice Cream. Working closely with our R&D and flavor engineering teams, we crafted our own version of the delicious trifecta staple featuring three of our classic flavors. In each carton, you will find our Old Fashioned Vanilla Ice Cream, our Oregon Strawberry Ice Cream with chunks of real strawberry and a new take on our Chocolate ice cream now with an added chocolate ripple. 

Like all our ice cream, Tillamook Neapolitan is made by using high-quality ingredients including rBst-free milk, cage free eggs, no artificial flavors or preservatives, and extra cream for rich, unforgettable spoonfuls. 

Best of all, you can taste all flavors in one bite, or choose your own adventure. Try the chocolate with strawberry, or a bite of the vanilla and chocolate, the possibilities are endless! 

Check out a short interview with Kathryn Moorhead, one of our R&D Scientists at Tillamook, discussing what makes our Neapolitan flavor so special:

Kathryn - I’m Kathryn Moorhead, an R&D Associate Scientist at Tillamook. I work with ice cream, which means I get to make new ice cream flavors!

Interviewer - What makes Tillamook Ice Cream taste so good?

Kathryn - Our Neapolitan is delicious because it’s not just chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry, but it’s our Old Fashioned Vanilla, our Oregon Strawberry made with real strawberries from Oregon, and our Chocolate with an added chocolate ripple.

Interviewer - Do you actually get to taste the ice cream as part of your job?

Kathryn - Yes, I get to taste ice cream everyday!

Interviewer – What’s your favorite way to eat Tillamook Neapolitan Ice Cream?

Kathryn - Eating two flavors at a time! Preferably chocolate and strawberry.

Interviewer - How much ice cream is too much?

Kathryn - There’s no such thing as too much ice cream.

You heard it from Kathryn, there’s no such thing as too much ice cream so make sure to find Tillamook Neapolitan near you and visit Where To Buy.