Stewardship in Action: Inclusion & Diversity


In 2020, we accelerated our commitment to Inclusion & Diversity. Together, we learned, took action and amplified the work of others — while working to create an inclusive culture and cooperative where we all feel inspired to bring our best ideas and talents together. That’s how we make better decisions and an atmosphere where innovation flourishes.

"I have reflected on how our company can put eradicating racism more central in our daily thoughts, educating, acknowledging and speaking up when we see words or actions that are inconsistent with fostering an inclusive culture."

Patrick Criteser

President & CEO, TCCA

Making good on our values

The events of 2020 did more than validate the inclusion and diversity work we began putting into place three years ago. They accelerated it. And they spurred us all into further action.

Power From Our Differences

Throughout the year, we provided several opportunities for our employees to learn from each other. We facilitated employee discussion circles to tackle topics like racism and allyship while letting employees share their own experiences – so we could all see different points of view. Former Deputy Chief of the Portland Police Bob Day joined us for an insightful conversation around policing and race during a virtual discussion and Q&A session. We also examined our own hidden biases together in Building an Inclusive Culture learning workshops and other sessions hosted by local business and community experts.

Employee Voices

"Our commitment to inclusion and diversity is not just words on a page. Our organization lives these values everyday in everything we do. We've had an inclusion and diversity framework with meaningful actions long before recent events."

Felicia Rivers

Director of Talent, TCCA

"Being my authentic self has been met without judgement, rejection or violence. It’s led to acceptance from a loving and supportive chosen family. Professionally, I can bring my whole self to work and contribute 100% with reduced anxiety and fear."

Dale Kizer

Senior Sourcing Manager, TCCA

We always knew inequity and injustice existed as a reality in our society. 2020 deepened that understanding and inspired us to think about new ways we could apply our values to become part of the solution.

Meaningful action begins with a commitment to value differences and the belief that unique perspectives make us better as a workplace and a more innovative brand. That’s why our work focuses on inviting our employees to genuinely care for each other, seek to deepen their collective awareness and learn how to navigate the spaces between each other. The result, we firmly believe, is a fulfilling culture that provides an enriching work experience for all employees that also serves as our competitive advantage.

"There isn’t another for-profit company statewide that is as committed to inclusion work as TCCA. They're in a class of their own."

Alexis Braly James

Founder and CEO, Construct the Present

Action Takes All of Us

Outside of the workplace, we make change by partnering with others. By actively partnering with local organizations led by people of color, we’re amplifying the voices of people transforming our communities. It’s why we were compelled to sponsor and promote the work of Rashad Floyd, founder of Heart & Hustle Productions.

The new Expressions in Black series takes viewers on an immersive journey through Oregon’s Black community. Every story defines Black excellence in its truest form.

"Our partnership with TCCA has been monumental in bringing our vision to life. Tillamook CEO Patrick Criteser was the first to believe in the concept and took it upon himself to secure the additional support and resources we needed to green-light the series. I continue to work closely with the Tillamook team, as we strive to run this marathon towards equality!"

Rashad Floyd

Founder, Executive Producer, Director, Heart & Hustle Productions

We are also partnering with the Red Door Project, a local organization that addresses racial tensions around policing, criminal justice and communities through the arts. Becoming the corporate founding sponsor of the Red Door Project’s virtual Evolve experience and participating in their workshops helped us examine our own biases. The Evolve Experience is a unique arts-based workshop that examines the relationship between law enforcement and the communities it serves. It aims to decrease polarization while increasing the viewer’s capacity to hold complex, nuanced viewpoints. As part of our sponsorship, we are hosting a public session inviting other community and business leaders to attend and consider adopting the Evolve workshop for their own workforce.

"TCCA has an impeccable reputation within the corporate community throughout Oregon and nationally. They are very well networked, and we are excited about bringing Evolve to their community. This allows us an opportunity to impact a broad base of people with varying interests, backgrounds and predilections. We are excited and grateful for the opportunity."

Kevin Jones

CEO and Co-Founder of The Red Door Project

Innovation at the Speed of Inclusion

Commit and Act. They’re just two words, but at TCCA they’re guiding how we do business and work with our communities every day. It’s the belief that what we say today is only as good as what we do tomorrow. And the realization that different voices and perspectives can help us innovate and create a world where we can be better and do better.

"We’re pushing ourselves in new ways, challenging ourselves to think differently and working hard to create a place where each employee feels seen, heard and valued."

Sheila Murty

Executive Vice President, People & Culture, TCCA

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