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The only thing we love
more than making our food,
is making it for you.

We Respect Tradition,never thinktraditionally

We’re a family, led by farmers, who get to wake up everyday and do what we love. That includes making high quality food that tastes great by doing it in a way that cares for cows, land and farming communities. We do right by our people and our products so you can focus on doing right by your family. 

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Our Values


Weʼre committed to making food that tastes better because it’s made right. We never cut corners and commit ourselves to do right by every bite—while caring for our farming communities, our people and you.


    We are committed to doing right by the land, cows, our farmer families and the communities in which we serve. That’s why we’re investing millions into fighting food insecurity, supporting small businesses in Tillamook, Oregon, and pioneering innovative ways to protect farmland and farmers to ensure they thrive for generations to come.

  2. WE ARE

    We wake up each day with a whole lot of passion and pride to make your food the right way. That means not taking any shortcuts and using only the finest ingredients. We go the extra mile to naturally age our cheddar cheese and source berries from right here in the Pacific Northwest.


    While the food we make is infused with passion, hard work and quality, we also know that the real magic begins when you choose Tillamook to create new and delicious meals for those you care about. Together, this is how we do right by every bite.

Meet the Makers

Hi there, We’reTillamook

Meet the faces of Tillamook (because we’re no faceless corporation).

"I love seeing my family enjoy the products I develop, especially my young nieces and nephews! I am officially their favorite aunt because I make ice cream recipes they can point out at the store. Nothing beats a picture text of the kiddos eating the ice cream flavors I've made."

Recipe Master


Anna is one of our Product Development Scientists. She creates some of your favorite recipes from Tillamook, but she totally nerds out when dreaming up new extra-creamy ice cream flavors and products. Anna earned her degree from Oregon State University. Go Beavers!

Her favorite product? Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

"What I love most about Tillamook is the people that I am surrounded by, that I have grown up with working here for the past 28 years."

Saved by Dave


Dave has been with Tillamook for over 28 years joining our team straight out of high school. Over the years he’s worn several different hats, from working in packaging to ice cream production and now working in our cold storage facility. Dave acts as keeper of our cheese warehouse and takes protective ownership of our millions of pounds of aging cheddar. And while cheese is his beloved product at work, his favorite product at home is Tillamook Ice Cream!

Best post-work treat? Caramel Toffee Crunch Ice Cream.

"I truly love the passion that my team members bring with them every day, this positivity energizes me to continue sharing my passion for Tillamook within all I do."



Jill is our Director of Product Excellence, which means she’s in charge of ensuring we make quality products. This also includes managing Tillamook’s Cheddar Cheese aging program to make the delicious naturally aged cheddars you love. On top of that, she’s a world cheese judge and evaluates dairy products for taste, consistency, and quality.

Jill's favorite product? The Tillamook 2011 Makers Reserve Cheddar.

"The best thing about Tillamook are the fans and the love we receive from them. Our team is like family and we strive to achieve excellence while keeping common values in mind." (Jaz)

Sincerely Jaz and Casey

Jaz and Casey

Casey and Jaz are our customer service duo and some would say, the voices behind Tillamook. They talk to thousands of fans each year that call in or write to us. They have developed such strong relationships with Tillamook fans that they even have pen pals they write letters to every so often.

Jaz’s favorite: Extra Sharp Cheddar Chunk

Casey’s favorite: Waffle Cone Swirl Ice cream

The Tillamook Way
Faces of Tillamook

About Us

This is how we go above and beyond through our stewardship, our community and our farmers.

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