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As a farmer-owned co-op, we understand that farmers today continue to face numerous challenges. That’s why we’re back with year three of All For Farmers to support farmers across the nation. This year we’re hosting the All For Farmers Auction where 100% of proceeds go to farmers in need. Join us by taking action to support.

Bidding closed

We created the All For Farmers Auction to support farmers in need. The auction is now closed, but thanks to you we raised over $55,000 that will directly benefit farmers and help keep them farming for generations to come.

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We do right by farmers, always have, always will. Since last year, YOU helped us raise over $740K for theBrighter Future Fund. Those funds and all those raised through the All For Farmers Coalition will have an immediate impact on farmers.

Explore a few farmer stories and how your help is impacting the future of farming.

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Donate to American Farmland Trust, a not-for-profit that protects farmland, promotes sound farming practices and keeps farmers on the land.

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