Aged with Time, Not Shortcuts.

We’ve been aging our cheese the old-fashioned way since old-fashioned was in fashion.

The year was 1909. The Model T had just hit the streets, the washing machine was the newest, must-have home appliance, and over on the Oregon coast, a small farmer-owned co-op created a game-changer of our own—the perfect award-winning cheddar.

Collection of Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Cheese products

The key was a simple recipe and a traditional method, using time to let the sharp cheddar flavors develop naturally. While a lot’s changed since then, our devotion to our time-honored process never has. This means each loaf is a perfectly-crafted throwback that’ll never get old. Learn more about our commitment to Product Excellence here.

Tillamook sharp cheddar shreds mac n cheese