Excellence goes beyond quality food

As we grow, the expectations remain the same: delicious products made the right way. That’s why we strive for a higher standard of excellence starting with the highest quality ingredients. Then we make sure every step of the process aligns with our values. The result is a perfectly melted grilled cheese that you’re proud to enjoy and inspired to share with others.

There’s something a little extra delicious in our products—strawberries you can actually taste, award-winning cheese. Products that taste exactly how dairy should.

Erin Kelleway

Tillamook Director of Strategic Sourcing

Our products have inspired consumers for many, many years

We’re passionate about that experience staying consistent and true by considering everything from how our products taste to the way they’re made to the feeling they give our consumers with every bite.

Inspired Consumers 

Choosing Suppliers Who Share Our Values

Today, farmers face challenges: economic uncertainty, loss of farmland and constant change, to name a few. We’re teaming up with suppliers and contract manufacturers who share our values. We start with looking beyond what these companies make and into who they are. Do they share our values? Do they consider their environmental and community impact and where their materials come from? With processes in place, we’re continuously improving how we evaluate, select and work with our suppliers.

It all starts with the best feed

Our suppliers must adhere to our quality requirements and the The California Transparency in Supply Chains Act. Additionally, they are expected to participate in our Stewardship Supplier Engagement Program and agree to a robust Supplier Code of Conduct and expectations manual.

the Highest Quality Ingredients

  • Milk

  • Berries

  • Nuts

One ingredient at a time
To get great tasting products from the farm to your home we start with asking the right questions about each ingredient. Does it serve a purpose? Where does it come from? How do we sustainably source it? Our answers lead to better choices. And those choices lead to more sustainable solutions without sacrificing delicious products you’ve come to love.
Tillamook Manufacturers
Manufacturing matters
Products that inspire our consumers require diligent, precise manufacturing. That means we’re going above and beyond minimum regulatory compliance standards. It means we’re using technology for more efficient operations. And it means we’re setting ambitious goals toward continuous improvement.
Putting less into packaging, and expecting more out of it
We’re making sustainable packaging a priority today, tomorrow and forever. It requires a series of intentional steps to move toward maximum impact. We have a lot more work to do, but we’re committed to making progress and do right with our packaging choices.

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