The Scoop on Our Three Vanilla Ice Cream Flavors

Have you ever wondered why we make three different vanilla ice cream flavors?

We chatted with Anna Ingoglia, a Tillamook Ice Cream Scientist, to dish out the differences between our three vanilla flavors and what makes each unique.

Why do we make three different flavors of vanilla ice cream?

Anna: Vanilla beans are grown all over the world and their origin plays a big role in what type of flavors you taste. Each of our vanilla ice creams, our Old-Fashioned Vanilla, Vanilla Bean, and French Vanilla, has their own unique vanilla flavor we use that gives each its own distinct taste. I guarantee that you can try each of our vanilla flavors and you will definitely find a favorite!

What’s the scoop on Old-Fashioned Vanilla?

Anna: Our Old-Fashioned Vanilla is a really clean, classic, All-American vanilla. You can expect it to be sweet, creamy, and a little bit marshmallow-y on the vanilla scale. This flavor is great for all of your scoop-shop basics such as milkshakes, sundaes, and root beer floats.

Ok, so what about Vanilla Bean?

Anna: Vanilla Bean is what I like to call the fancy sister of the family, and features really beautiful vanilla bean specks. It is similar to Old-Fashioned Vanilla, but is a bit lighter and a little more delicate in flavor. It pairs really well with pastries, such as pie a la mode, ice cream sandwiches, or an ice cream cake.

And last but not least, French Vanilla?

Anna: French Vanilla is really unique because it’s technically a custard flavor. This means we’ve added more egg yolks into the vanilla ice cream base itself. It’s rich and thick, creamy, and more savory than our other vanillas, but still sweet. French Vanilla goes great with bold and sweet flavors such as pecan pie, pumpkin pie, or with coffee for an affogato.

We hope this bit of inside scoop gave some insight into our three vanilla ice cream flavors! Be sure to share your favorite Tillamook vanilla ice cream with us on social, using @Tillamook or @TillamookDairy on Twitter and hashtag #TillamookIceCream