For several years, we’ve monitored and logged key performance data central to upholding our six Stewardship Commitments. We look equally at our successes and shortfalls to guide our decisions toward meeting our goals.
  • Progress to reach our targets:¹

    • Met or exceeded the target
    • On track
    • Monitoring closely
    • Needs some work

Thriving Farms

Helping farmers to be more efficient, economically sound and viable for generations.

Healthful Cows

Committed to keeping cows healthful and comfortable.

Inspired Consumers

Demanding a higher standard of excellence for great-tasting products that consumers love.

Enduring Ecosystems

Conserving air, land and water, while reducing energy and waste on farms, in facilities and across our truck fleet.

Fulfilled Employees

Fostering a culture that’s enriching and fulfilling for all of our employees.

Enriched Communities

Strengthening communities with agricultural advocacy, food security and healthful children.

1 Result color indicates current year result vs. target. For metrics where a year is part of the target (such as 2030), color is based on current year results vs. adherence to the glide path to the final target.

2 This metric was added in 2023. It was not previously tracked.​

3 The methodology was updated in 2023 to remove intercompany spend for a more accurate metric. Past years have been updated to reflect this change.​

4 Progress toward Climate Action Plan goals also shown on here.

5 In 2023 we adjusted our energy and water metrics with intensity-based targets that better reflect gains in efficiency and to track progress from 2020 to 2030 at our production facilities.​

6 Diversion of non-hazardous, solid waste at production facilities.​

7 EPA SmartWay data is released after this report is published; therefore, 2023 column represents 2022 participation.​

8 As defined by the MIT Living Wage Calculator for 1 working adult, 0 children.

Download entire Scorecard here.

Look How Far We’ve Come

Our fans, customers and farmer-owners deserve to know how we uphold our values. While we’ve come a long way, there’s still plenty of work to be done. Follow our progress by reading our past Stewardship Reports.