Stewardship in Action: All for Farmers


The early mornings. The razor-thin margins. The fluctuating market prices and weather conditions. Farmers aren’t strangers to struggle. But they’re also savvy. They apply data and science and wear multiple hats. They know what comes with the territory, and most years, there isn’t a challenge they can’t overcome. But 2020 wasn’t most years.

Nonstop Action

Farmers can’t stop farming and cows don’t stop milking during a pandemic. And while our cooperative model sustained TCCA farmer- owners, many other farmers’ livelihoods were being threatened like never before.

If there’s no farming, there’s no future

2020 showed us how difficult it is to keep food on the table, starting with the people who make it. People like Caitlin Rosenberg of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a dairy goat farmer who has big dreams for her small operation.

In 2020, Caitlin and thousands of other farmers across the country needed more than a helping hand. In September, we donated 10% of TCCA September sales ($1.6M) to American Farmland Trust — a not-for-profit organization committed to protecting farmland, promoting sound farming practices and keeping farmers on the land — who then distributed funds through individual grants directly to farmers in need. For Caitlin, it was an investment in a new business plan to scale up her operations.

In addition to grants, a large portion of the donation went directly to American Farmland Trust’s mission to preserve farmland for future generations.

Farm workers

Donated $1.6M to American Farmland Trust

TCCA donated 10% of TCCA branded sales for September 2020 to select markets across the country to American Farmland Trust’s farmland protection programs and Brighter Future microgrant program to help farmers during this difficult time.

"Farmland has never been more threatened. Working with TCCA, we were able to preserve over 8,000 acres for future generations of farming."

Beth Sauerhaft

Vice President of Programs, American Farmland Trust


Fertile groundfor diversity

Farming is a business. And like any business, it becomes more resilient and innovative with diverse backgrounds, people and thinking. At TCCA, our commitment to inclusion and diversity extends beyond our company operations, employees and farms. You’ll also see it reflected in the All For Farmers (AFF) grant recipients.


22% Black

15% Hispanic

4% Native American

3% Asian

These farmers aren’t just paving the way for the next generation of BIPOC farmers, they’re sowing the seeds of innovation and fresh thinking into our industry along the way.

"Land tenure is a substantial hurdle for beginning farmers like us. With these funds, we're able to make a down payment on five new acres of land for our business. And the farmer we're acquiring the land from has agreed to mentor us as we scale up."

Fredric Byarm

Invincible City Farms, Bridgeton, New Jersey

By the end of September, All For Farmers turned into more than a campaign. For us, it became a renewed commitment to the future of farming and a reminder that feeding a need can nourish a nation. And we are honored to share that our All For Farmers partnership with American Farmland Trust was selected as a finalist in the ’Best Activism/Advocacy Initiative’ category in the nationally recognized Engage for Good 2021 Halo Awards.