Stewardship In Action: Cow Care

Exceptional cow care is a job thatʼs never done

Cows eating hay

Keeping cows comfortable and healthy reflects a shared commitment by all farmer-owners of Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA) alongside all the dairy farmer partners that supply milk for Tillamook products. We come through for cows by adhering to higher standards of care.

Providing exceptional cow care means we’re constantly evaluating and evolving our guidelines. Analyzing and applying new data. Using new tools and science. And continually examining what cow care should look like for our industry and the animals under our care.

I took an oath as a veterinarian.
Since then, I have put animal well-being at the center of my job and our philosophy here.

Kate Lott, DVM

Director of Farm Engagement, TCCA


Cow care continues to change with new data, information and technology. Today our fans and customers expect us to put our hearts — along with these latest advancements — to work for the animals we care for. And that’s an evolving challenge we embrace.

Part of that evolution means continuing to implement the latest and more rigorous Farmers Assuring Responsible Management (FARM) 4.0 standards across our farmer- owner dairies and supplier facilities. FARM works with dairy owners to ensure public trust by setting industry- leading animal welfare standards, and the program revises those standards every three years to reflect new science and advanced methods.

Next Level Protocols

Accountability in how we care

At TCCA, meeting these new standards takes holding all of our farmer-owners accountable with three different evaluations conducted by Kate Lott and the Farm Services Team. As a member of the National Milk Producers Federation FARM Animal Care Committee, Kate understands the advances in cow care required to keep up with higher standards — and she works directly with our farmer-owners to implement them. Kate conducts thorough FARM evaluations herself. Each dairy also undergoes a TCCA Farm Facility Evaluation, along with a third- party evaluation by NSF International. TCCA gives every farmer-owner a report that reflects their farm facility and operation’s performance, required steps to improve both and 60 days to implement corrective actions.

100% of all milk used in Tillamook products came from suppliers who adhere to FARM, the industry-leading animal care standards. 

Meet the experts caring for our cows

Every member of our Farm Services Team works one-on-one with our farmer-owners and milk suppliers. Whether they’re troubleshooting a mechanical issue, providing nutrition advice or helping implement new cow care standards, this group of highly trained and deeply experienced cow care and dairy farm experts makes sure cows stay healthy and comfortable. It’s a highly personalized approach — and one that’s unique to TCCA.

At TCCA, farmers are constantly using the latest tools and technology to help improve cow care. Things like robotic milking systems, cow management systems to monitor animal health and robotic feed pushers enable efficiencies on the farm. And with actionable thresholds built in, alerting the farmer via text or app provides more data of what’s happening on the farm, improving animal care and achieving targeted management plans.

Bryan Gibson

Field Manager, TCCA

I love walking into a barn and seeing cows being cows — comfortable, well cared for and clean. And I'm excited about what the future holds for cow care, from more user-friendly cow health trackers to new vaccines to advanced equipment.

Kate Lott, DVM

Director of Farm Services and Engagement, TCCA

Farmer-owners are always looking for better ways to manage their herds and improve how they care for their cows. And our Tillamook County Farm Store gives them a place to get together and talk about it.

As the Manager, I help them locate feed, medicine, and supplies for their herds. Whether it’s having the medicine they need for their cows in stock or providing new teat dip to keep cows free from infection, our focus is always being there for farmer-owners when they need us.

Caleb Oaks

Farm Store Manager, TCCA

Doing Right For the Future

Our heritage of exceptional cow care started the day the first dairy farmers arrived in Tillamook County. Today it extends to all our farmer-owners and milk suppliers like our partner at Threemile Canyon Farms. However, that’s not where our story ends. We know caring for cows is also our future. Looking for new ways to stand up for them is both a challenge we welcome and a responsibility we accept.