Introducing Creamery Collection Yogurt, Tillamook’s latest product innovation.



The New Snack Offering Provides Two Yogurt Flavors in Every Cup, So You Can Choose Your Perfect Bite

TILLAMOOK, ORE. (February 16, 2021) – Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA), the 112-year-old farmer-owned dairy co-op, is expanding their offering of high-quality snacks to now include  Tillamook® Creamery Collection yogurt. The innovative new line includes six unique side-by-side flavor combinations served in a reusable cup – a first-of-its-kind offering for the cultured category – and is ideal for breakfast or a satisfying snack any time of day.

“Often times, yogurts make you choose either satisfying protein  or great taste, function  or flavor,” said Lara Gish, Senior Category Manager of Cultured Products, TCCA. “But we think you can have both. That’s why we created this satisfying dual-flavored yogurt designed to let you create your own perfect bite of deliciously creamy yogurt.”

With more than 70 percent of consumers enjoying a snack each day and 81 percent departing from traditional meal-focused eating patterns on an average day1, Tillamook
Creamery Collection offers a filling and flavorful snack solution for morning, noon, or night. With flavors that range between 13-14 grams of protein and 9-10 grams of sugar, as well as no artificial sweeteners, flavors or preservatives, Tillamook Creamery Collection is not too sweet, not too tart and made with the high-quality ingredients snack lovers expect from TCCA. 

Each Creamery Collection Yogurt cup contains two side-by-side flavors that can be enjoyed one by one or swirled together. Flavor combinations include: 

  • Oregon Strawberry paired with Plain

  • Northwest Raspberry paired with Blackberry

  • Oregon Blueberry paired with Vanilla

  • California Peach paired with Plain

  • Dark Cherry paired with Plain

  • Vanilla Bean paired with Plain

Seventy-two percent of consumers say they are looking for convenience in snack packaging. Not only do the Creamery Collection yogurts allow for customization in every spoonful, but the unique premium package also allows for toppings to be added directly to the cup, no bowl needed. The containers even have re-sealable lids to save your flavor masterpiece for later and are sturdy enough to reuse many times over.   

To help inspire creativity from the moment you open the product, TCCA partnered with real-life creators to design limited-edition foil lids across all flavors, showing consumers just how tasty life can be when you enjoy it your way, without compromise. Jillian Barthold, illustrator and studio owner (Portland, OR), Alisa Damaso, designer and illustrator (San Francisco, CA) and Ann Chen, illustrator and muralist (Salt Lake City, UT) are the talented West Coast-based artists behind this work. 

TCCA believes that you should never settle for subpar snacking moments and encourages consumers to visit for a personalized “Swirl Experience” and to sign-up to receive exclusive offers on Tillamook’s top-quality dairy products. Consumers are also invited to share their snacking experiences using #MakeaSnackPact on social media. 

Tillamook Creamery Collection is now available at select retailers in the West, including Portland, Seattle, Boise, Spokane and Denver. Learn more about Tillamook Creamery Collection at and find the new yogurts in a store near you at

About Tillamook County Creamery Association

Founded in 1909 as a farmer-owned cooperative, the Tillamook County Creamery Association (TCCA) prides itself on its commitment to bringing to market the most consistent, best tasting, highest quality dairy products made in the most natural way possible. Guided by the belief that everyone deserves real food that makes them feel good every day, Tillamook has earned top awards for their cheese, ice cream, sour cream, butter and yogurt products made with unwavering values that never sacrifice or compromise quality for profit. The TCCA is owned by a group of farming families, primarily based in Tillamook County, Oregon. Tillamook operates production facilities in Tillamook and Boardman, Oregon and employs nearly 900 people throughout the state. The Tillamook Creamery is the largest tourist attraction on the coast of Oregon and one of the most popular in the state, attracting more than one million visitors each year. For more information on Tillamook, visit


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