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You have a cream cheese choice. Break up with that old brand and fall in love with our most eligible spreads.

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Break upwith your oldcream cheese.
Welcome to the Cream Cheese Break-Up Hotline. The place to ditch your old cream cheese brand and level up to Tillamook. Follow the prompts to leave a break-up message, listen to confessions and advice then finally–meet our most eligible flavors.

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Made rich and creamy – it’s easy to fall in love with our Farmstyle Cream Cheese Spreads. 

*Never made with gums, fillers or preservatives.

0.9 mi. away|Stylist, Cosmetologist|0'4"I’m an unexpected delight and fully aware of my contagious upbeat energy. People say I’m as sweet as a strawberry–and I use that ability to spread those vibes along to others because I believe in paying it forward whenever possible.
VolunteeringCookingSpreading JoyWalking Dogs
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Aged Cheddar 0.1 mi. away|Commentator, Radio Personality|0'4"I come in strong but leave you wanting more with my unexpected boldness. My biggest achievement? I’m the first of my kind and unafraid to show you who I am and what I’m about.
Learning New LanguagesDebate AssociationWine & SpiritsKaraoke
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Verry Veggie 6.5 mi. away|Botanist, Nature Lover|0'4"You’ll find me gardening or chilling outdoors. Yoga session in the mornings, followed by a well-rounded breakfast and as much sun as possible. I eat well to be well, but sometimes you have to splurge and treat yourself. Life’s only as rich as the experiences you create.
Health / ExerciseRock ClimbingFestivalsHome-cooked Meals
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Chive & Onion 4 mi. away|Blogger, Influencer|0'4"I’m new in town and open to meeting up. People tell me I’m free-spirited. I don’t like drama, I am who I am. I may not be for everyone, but if you love me, you LOVE me. Sometimes you just have to drop everything and go. YOLO!
ModelingEntrepreneurshipArtFinding Love
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Original 4 mi. away|History Buff, Librarian|0'4"Some would call me traditional, or old-fashioned, and that’s fine. I prefer to call myself a classic. Sure, I don’t rock the boat, but I believe if you’re going to do something, do it right. There’s nothing like an honest day’s work, and staying true to those who love you. Get along to go along. Let’s get together!
First Edition BooksTravelingMuseum HoppingModel Ship Building
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