Brick Cream Cheese

Brick Cream Cheese

Hello Dream Cheese

Introducing extra creamy Tillamook Brick Cream Cheese. So rich and smooth, we call it dream cheese.

Made with extra cream for extraordinary taste, it’s the creamy flavor you’ve been looking for in your cream cheese.

Made with extra cream

Extra Creamy Comes Standard

Made with extra cream for extraordinary taste, Tillamook Brick Cream Cheese is crafted to make every dish delish.

no gums, No preservatives

Flavor you can’t fake

Finally, a delicious brick cream cheese made with extra cream and without gums or preservatives.

Perfect for baking and cooking

Makes every dish rich

A cream cheese so rich and smooth, you’ll never want to cook or bake without it.


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Extra creamy extra-ordinary recipes

Tillamook Brick Cream Cheese

frequently asked questions

Is your Brick Cream Cheese kosher?

Yes! Our Brick Cream Cheese is certified OU Kosher and vegetarian.

How long can you save brick cream cheese in the fridge after opening?

For best quality, the product should be used within 10 days after opening.

Where can I find your Brick Cream Cheese?

Tillamook Brick Cream Cheese is available at a variety of stores throughout the U.S. Currently, it’s most commonly found in the Pacific Northwest. To look for Tillamook Brick Cream Cheese and other products in your area, please visit Where to Buy. Because we sell our brick cream cheese to grocery stores through distributors, it’s sometimes difficult for us to know exactly which type of Tillamook Cream Cheese Spread is currently stocked in a specific store. If you would like to be able to purchase Tillamook products at a store that doesn’t currently carry them, we recommend speaking to the store manager and requesting our products.

We promise to put the land, cows, and people first

As a Certified B Corporation, our promise lives in what we do right — proudly caring for our communities and the environment for over 113 years and counting.

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