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Pure Decadence In Every Scoop

Each scoop of Tillamook Ice Cream is luxuriously smooth and creamy – a texture your guests will love – made with only the finest ingredients with no preservatives, synthetic colors, artificial hormones, or flavors.



Since 1947, we have dedicated ourselves to making ice cream the right way: with a higher percentage of butterfat and less added air. Each three-gallon container promises to be full of spectacular flavor from the first scoop to the last. We spend time crafting a wide range of flavors to satisfy every taste – from classic vanilla, to fresh fruits and berries, deep chocolate and every sweet mix-in in between.

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Ice Cream By

The Gallon

Our 3-gallon containers for foodservice make scooping easier and stack nicely in coolers. They’re the perfect size for locking into collars in dipping stations, making them even more convenient to scoop from. Plus, our plastic ice cream tubs hold up in temperature fluctuations better than paper tubs, which weaken and leak when exposed to excessive moisture.

Silky Smooth

Ice Cream

For when I gaze into your eyes
Of deepest blue I see,
You're everything I've longed for most
You set my spirit free.

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