Ice Cream Pints

Pint-sized perfection

Really creamy, huge flavors and crowd favorites, all packed into a pint-sized container. Tillamook Pints: Open with caution…if you don’t want to share.

Tillamook Ice Cream Pints

Why choose just one

Small size. Big indulgence.

We get it, picking a favorite can be hard. Now you don’t have to. Fit more unbelievably creamy flavors in the freezer with our pints.

Cravings happen. Be ready.

Creamy Classics made for “me time”

Made with so much rich flavor, your freezer won’t know what hit it. And while our pint-sized containers are easy to share, they’re also easier to hide.

Bowl Optional

Our toffee, your size

Crush your creamy crunchy cravings with new Tillamook Sea Salt & Honeycomb Toffee Ice Cream.


We promise to put the land, cows, and people first

As a Certified B Corporation, our promise lives in what we do right — proudly caring for our communities and the environment for over 113 years and counting.

Working towards better

Meet the people and good work that keep our farms, ecosystems and communities thriving – all in our new Stewardship Report.

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