Growing our reach and responsibility.

Reaching more people in more places means sourcing more milk, manufacturing more products, and transporting them around the country. Inevitably, we’re using more natural resources as our business grows. To protect our ecosystems, we’re thinking big and working harder than ever to improve waste reduction, water stewardship, clean energy, and fuel efficiency efforts.

"Agriculture, as a whole, has become more sustainable with a smaller environmental footprint. It’s not one individual farmer’s story. It’s everybody’s."

Derrick Josi

Tillamook Farmer-owner

Our path to net zero emissions

We’ve created a Climate Action Plan as part of our commitment to reducing our impact on the planet. Take a look at out our path to reach net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, with an interim goal to reduce emissions by 30% by 2030.​

Sustainability:from farms tofacilities

We’re working hard to protect resources on-farm, in our facilities and within our fleet.​

Enduring Ecosystems

When it comes tothe environment,good is nevergood enough

We’re working hard to support and promote a closed-loop system, where a dairy farmer recycles all nutrients and organic matter back to the soil. Regenerative agricultural practices, air quality improvements, and conversion of manure into energy are a few of the ways we’re working to close the loop on farms.

Protecting our watersheds

Protecting watersheds is essential to preserving ecosystems so farmlands can thrive. Trout Unlimited is working with farmers and other landowners in Tillamook County to improve fish passage and restore riparian habitat. TCCA is providing a $500K partner match. Along with other partner matches and grants, the program will bring in a total of more than $5M for watershed improvements in the area.