Our work and our people are intricately connected to our communities.

So, it just makes sense to invest in and improve them. To strengthen communities, we’re focusing on supporting agricultural advocacy, food security, and healthful children—which are all integral to community resilience.

Enriched Communities

When our communities are strong, so are we

We’re not afraid to take on complex social challenges, but we cannot do it alone.

We partner with those doing the hard work on the ground and support their efforts. We actively engage with organizations to assess their needs, brainstorm solutions and provide the most appropriate support. We volunteer with them and join in as board members. And we unite in our efforts to improve the places we call home.

Investing in ourcommunities

Each year, we aim to invest 4% of our net income back into our communities. In 2022, we distributed grants and products to 100 organizations totaling 4.8% of our net income.

Fostering a cultureof service

2,630 employee volunteer hours spent with community organizations in 2022.

Lifting up our communities during a global pandemic

When COVID swept through our hometown communities, we provided funds, food and the support they needed to get back on their feet. Discover the impact $4 million can make. Especially when you use it close to home.

"We’re working hard to build a culture where we genuinely care for each other, do right by our customers and community and work together. When our internal values meet community needs, incredible things happen."

Michael Graham

Tillamook Director of Plant Operations in Boardman

tillamook gives back

Investing in the places we call home

Helping more families become food secure

We are committed to ending hunger in Oregon and across the country because we believe everyone should have access to wholesome food. In 2022, we donated nearly 230,000 pounds of Tillamook products, equal to about 193,000 meals, to 20 organizations that address food security, including Northern Illinois Food Bank, Oregon Food Bank, Food Roots, Meals for Seniors and Boardman Food Pantry.

Youth in Agriculture
We’re providing scholarships for students studying agriculture, and through support of local 4-H Clubs and Future Farmers of America programs. In 2022, we made a $25,000 donation to Oregon FFA Foundation to support opportunities for members to grow their knowledge and experience within the agriculture industry.
BoardmanCommunity Support
In Boardman, Oregon, home to our second cheesemaking facility, we’re investing in the local community. We support local sci-fi camps, youth sports, and a childcare program, and sponsor local events like the Distinguished Citizen award, the 4th of July parade, Harvest Fest, Fairs, and many more. Boardman isn’t just where we work, it’s also our home.
Supporting Healthful Children
Healthy, active kids grow up to be the backbone of the community. In 2022, we donated $50,000 to help resurface Tillamook High School’s athletic facility, creating a space for students and the community to connect, play and enjoy time outside.
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