Whole Milk Mozzarella

A Whole Lotta Flavor

Introducing our NEW Mozzarella Cheese made with creamy whole milk for fuller flavor. Available in block, shreds, snacks and slices. Every bite just got a whole lot better.

Fully-loaded with flavor

Taste The Whole-Milk Difference

Say hello to our new Mozzarella that’s packed with full-on flavor only found by using creamy whole milk.

Your new secret ingredient

whole milk, full flavor

Create a masterpiece for breakfast, lunch and dinner with the full-bodied flavor of our new Whole Milk Mozzarella.

Make melty magic

Tastier by a stretch

Using a traditional method where we heat and stretch our curds before forming the final cheese, our Whole Milk Mozzarella line is crafted for marvelous melts.


melty bites to make your day

We promise to put the land, cows, and people first

As a Certified B Corporation, our promise lives in what we do right — proudly caring for our communities and the environment for over 113 years and counting.

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