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Ice Cream

All Tillamook Ice Cream flavors contain milk, and most contain pasteurized egg yolks as well. Some also contain other major allergens like wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, and soy. In compliance with federal law, any Tillamook product that contains major allergens like these must clearly state so in the ingredients listing on the packaging**, so please be sure to check the label!

Please note that all of our ice cream flavors are produced with the same equipment. Production schedules are carefully prepared by considering allergens and their potential risks. Equipment is thoroughly sanitized and swab-tested (for allergen remnants) after producing ice cream flavors that contain nuts or other major allergens.
For all Tillamook products, there are strict GMPs (Good Manufacturing Practices) in place which are designed to prevent any cross-contamination of major allergens on shared equipment lines. This includes swab-testing the equipment between production runs to ensure there are no allergen remnants present.

(**Some of our ice cream flavors contain fudge pieces with highly refined peanut oil in them. This kind of oil is not considered a major allergen under federal labeling requirements, so while ‘peanut oil’ is listed under the ingredients labeling on the container, peanuts are not called out under the allergens disclaimer below. If you are unsure of the safety of this kind of highly refined peanut oil for yourself or your family, we recommend checking with a doctor.)

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