Frequently Asked Questions

Sour Cream

Is your sour cream kosher?

Yes, our Tillamook Sour Cream is kosher certified.

Can I eat Tillamook Sour Cream past the best by date?

No. Tillamook Sour Cream is a perishable dairy product and we do not recommend eating it past the best by date printed on the container.

Where can I find Tillamook Sour Cream?

Right now, Tillamook Sour Cream is primarily available in the Pacific Northwest. But don’t worry, we are working on increasing our distribution so that everyone can enjoy real, simple Tillamook Sour Cream. To check if it is available in your area, please use our Where to Buy tool.

Is the milk used to make Tillamook Sour Cream pasteurized?

Yes! The milk used to make our sour cream is pasteurized.

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