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Ice Cream

Did you change your recipes along with the container size?

We strive to always ensure that our ice cream is (and other products are) made with unrelenting quality standards. We have been working on a few recipe improvements and changes that we’ll be implementing starting when our ice cream container size is updated. The big ones are:  

  • We’ve received feedback from our fans about things we could do better on certain flavors, and we’re excited to share that our Cookies and Cream will now contain 70% more cookie pieces, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough will have 60% more cookie dough!  

  • Another recipe change we’re working on is transitioning our vanilla ice cream recipes to use a new vanilla that’s sourced in compliance with the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative, a voluntary industry initiative aiming to promote the long term supply of high quality, natural vanilla produced in a socially, environmental and economically sustainable way. (Please note - this process will take time to fully transition to all of our ice cream flavors).  

We hope you’ll be as excited about these new changes as we are! If you have any further questions or feedback don’t hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations team at the link below: 

Are your ice cream containers smaller now? Why?

We’ve grown a lot as a brand and business over the last few years, which is part of our long-term plan that will help sustain our farmer-owners’ farming businesses into the future.  

As we’ve grown, we’ve learned a lot about how we can continue to meet the growing demand for the delicious dairy that both old and new Tillamook Ice Cream enthusiasts have come to know and love. As a part of this learning process, we’ve recently changed the size of our ice cream container, so that we can keep delivering our beloved extra creamy ice cream to our fans without sacrificing any of the quality components that got us here.  

Please be assured that your favorite flavors will be as high-quality and delicious as ever, and that Tillamook Ice Cream is (and will always be) made with more cream and less air than the industry standard for ice cream, with no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no synthetic colors, and no high fructose corn syrup!  

If you have any further questions, concerns, or other feedback, feel free to contact our Consumer Relations team here:

Does Tillamook Ice Cream contain any major allergens?

Yes. All Tillamook Ice Cream flavors contain milk, most contain pasteurized egg yolks and some contain other major allergens like wheat, tree nuts, peanuts or soy. In compliance with federal law, any Tillamook product that contains major allergens (milk, egg, crustacean shellfish, fish, wheat, tree nuts, peanuts, or soy) clearly states so in the ingredients listing, so please be sure to check the label! Please note that all of our ice cream flavors are produced with the same equipment. Production schedules are carefully prepared by considering allergens and their potential risks. Equipment is thoroughly sanitized after producing ice cream flavors that contain nuts or other major allergens. Staff at the ice cream counter at our Creamery in Tillamook would be happy to use a fresh ice cream scoop to accommodate visitors with allergen concerns, so please let us know. A full list of Tillamook Ice Cream ingredients is available at the Tillamook Creamery and also listed online for each ice cream flavor.

Is your ice cream kosher?

Our ice cream is not kosher certified, though all of our ice cream products are vegetarian with the exception of Rocky Road (which contains marshmallows with pork gelatin).

Do you make any dairy-free ice creams?

We do not make any dairy-free products. However, we do offer a fruit sorbet option at our ice cream counter at the Tillamook Creamery so that everyone can enjoy a delicious dessert! You can find our ice cream menu here.

Do you make sugar-free or “no sugar added” ice cream?

At this time, we don’t make any sugar-free or “no sugar added” ice cream flavors. We do, however, provide a “no sugar added” ice cream option at our Creamery in Tillamook, Oregon. We hope to see you soon for a scoop or two!

Why can’t I find Tillamook Ice Cream in my area?

We believe that the amount of Tillamook Ice Cream in one’s freezer directly affects the harmony of their household. That being said, we’d love to make more happy homes by expanding our ice cream distribution to more states. Let your store manager know you’d like to be able to purchase Tillamook Ice Cream in your area. We hope to one day put our ice creamy dreamy goodness in more families’ freezers throughout the U.S.! In the meantime, come visit us at the Tillamook Creamery to try all of our flavors!

Do your ice cream containers have a protective seal?

Yes! All of our ice cream containers should either have a plastic ring seal around the lid, OR a foil seal underneath the lid.

If your container had neither, please let us know! ( or 1-855-562-3568)

Why is peanut oil listed as an ingredient in this ice cream, but peanuts are not mentioned in the allergens disclaimer on the container?

Some of our ice cream flavors contain fudge pieces with highly refined peanut oil in them. This kind of oil is not considered a major allergen under federal labeling requirements. However, we always recommend checking with a doctor if you are unsure of its safety for yourself or your family! 

Are the egg yolks in Tillamook Ice Cream pasteurized?

Yes! The egg yolks in our ice cream are pasteurized to kill any harmful bacteria.

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