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What is the butterfat percentage in your butter?

Our Tillamook Extra Creamy Butter is 81% butterfat, which is higher than the industry standard for butter. We think you’ll notice the extra-creaminess! 

Can I freeze my Tillamook Butter?

You sure can! Tillamook Butter can be frozen for up to four months. The texture and flavor may change slightly, but not noticeably. We suggest storing butter in its original packaging and in a sealed freezer bag. Defrost it slowly in the fridge before use. We do not recommend melting frozen butter in the microwave without first thawing.

Why is your butter box a different shape now, and why are the sticks are longer?

The main driver of this packaging update was our desire to make a better butter. This involved changing production methods and equipment, so that we could introduce a more premium butter with additional butterfat, which yields a creamier texture. The new longer and skinnier shape of our Extra Creamy Butter sticks is known as an Elgin cut, whereas before, our butter came in a shorter and wider stick size.

Another recipe enhancement to note is that our salted butter is now salted with sea salt! 

Is your butter kosher?

Yes! Our Tillamook Extra Creamy Butter is kosher certified.

Is the cream used to make Tillamook Extra Creamy Butter pasteurized?

Yes! The cream used to make our butter is pasteurized.

Can I leave butter on the counter?

It’s best to store butter in the fridge. We don’t recommend that you leave it out at room temperature for long periods of time since it can mold or take on a rancid flavor. We do recommend letting it sit out about an hour before use. Then cover the butter and store it back in the refrigerator when you’re done.

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