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Did you change your recipes along with the container size?

We strive to always ensure that our ice cream is (and other products are) made with unrelenting quality standards. We have been working on a few recipe improvements and changes that we’ll be implementing starting when our ice cream container size is updated. The big ones are:  

  • We’ve received feedback from our fans about things we could do better on certain flavors, and we’re excited to share that our Cookies and Cream will now contain 70% more cookie pieces, and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough will have 60% more cookie dough!  

  • Another recipe change we’re working on is transitioning our vanilla ice cream recipes to use a new vanilla that’s sourced in compliance with the Sustainable Vanilla Initiative, a voluntary industry initiative aiming to promote the long term supply of high quality, natural vanilla produced in a socially, environmental and economically sustainable way. (Please note - this process will take time to fully transition to all of our ice cream flavors).  

We hope you’ll be as excited about these new changes as we are! If you have any further questions or feedback don’t hesitate to contact our Consumer Relations team at the link below: 

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