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Are all your farms based in Tillamook, OR?

Nope! After more than 100 years and growing consumer demand for our products, we’re making more products than ever before right where it all began, and that’s in Tillamook County. But, while there’s no limit to the ingenuity, hard work and commitment of Tillamook County’s people, there is a limit to its natural resources. It’s an environmentally sensitive area and natural resources are constrained. That’s why we choose to partner with many farms of many different sizes to source the high-quality milk we use in our products. While a large dairy farm may not look the same as a much smaller one, we can assure you that every farm we work with is held to the same strict quality and animal care standards that our farmer-owners adhere to in Tillamook County. Growing our brand through strong partnerships is the way we’ve been able to sustain our farmer-owners and the farming way of life in Tillamook County for generations to come.

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