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Can I freeze cheese?

(Hey, that rhymes!) Freezing  Tillamook Cheese prolongs its life, but it also changes the texture of the cheese, making it dry and crumbly. Although freezing slows mold growth, it also stops the aging process of  cheddar. Ideally, you should freeze the cheese in its original, unopened package. If you’ve already opened the package, wrap one pound or smaller portions in moisture-proof materials (like plastic wrap or aluminum foil) and then place it in an airtight bag. That way, you can maintain optimum flavor and texture. When you’re ready, thaw the cheese in the refrigerator with the wrapper on to prevent loss of moisture and flavor. Then eat it as soon as possible. Thawed cheese will shred easily, but it’s difficult to slice. If you plan on slicing the cheese, it’s best to do so before putting it in the freezer. Check out more tips for cheese storage here.

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