Cheddar Cheese

Cheddar you’ll remember

Ever try Tillamook Cheddar? If you’re thinking, “I’m not sure,” then sorry, but you probably haven’t. Because trying a cheddar this bold with this much care put into it is something you definitely won’t forget.

Naturally Aged

Crafted with care

When the people making the cheese love cheese, you can tell. We age our cheddar naturally over time, so you get deliciousness in every bite.

Not just an ingredient. The ingredient.

Cheddar for Cheddar Lovers

We love cheese. So we don’t make it just good-enough. We make it with extra care, extra time, and extra bold flavor. And always with rBST-free milk.

Made for making

Unblock your inner chef

Slice, shred, or melt it. This cheddar is ready for anything.

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The Sharpness Scale

Any SharperAnd You’d NeedA Permit

melty bites to make your day

We promise to put the land, cows, and people first

As a Certified B Corporation, our promise lives in what we do right — proudly caring for our communities and the environment for over 113 years and counting.

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Meet the people and good work that keep our farms, ecosystems and communities thriving – all in our new Stewardship Report.

Cheddar Cheese

frequently asked questions

How long do you age your cheddar cheeses? What makes them “sharp?"

Tillamook Cheddar Cheeses develop their flavors through the natural process of aging. The longer they age, the “sharper” and more flavorful they become. Tillamook Cheddars are naturally aged in 40-pound blocks for a minimum of: Medium Cheddar – 60 days Sharp Cheddar– 9 months Extra Sharp Cheddar – 15 months Extra Sharp White Cheddar and Maker’s Reserve – 2-6 years, depending on the product

Though we always recommend eating Tillamook products by the best by date printed on the package, the aging process of Tillamook cheddar cheese continues even after you’ve brought your cheese home. Be sure to keep it in the coldest part of your refrigerator until you are ready to enjoy it.

What are the ingredients in your Cheddar Cheese?

The Tillamook Cheddar recipe is based on over 100 years of cheese-making experience. Our Tillamook Cheddar Cheese recipe contains four natural ingredients: cultured milk, enzymes (rennet), salt, and annatto. Annatto is a natural coloring extracted from the seeds of annatto trees grown in the tropics; it is responsible for that beautiful Tillamook Cheddar yellow color! Tillamook white cheddars only contain three ingredients, as they don’t need the annatto.

What makes some of your cheese a yellow color?

The exciting answer: cheesy magic! The less-exciting truth: annatto, a natural, plant-based food coloring extracted from the seeds of tropical annatto trees. Without annatto, cheese is the color of milk. Coloring has been added to cheddar cheese for centuries to regulate color variations in milk that can come from seasonal changes in the cow’s diet. These days, annatto helps ensure that each loaf of Tillamook cheese is the same color that our fans have come to expect. If you prefer a cheese that does not contain annatto, we also produce several white cheddar cheeses, too! Annatto does not affect the flavor of the cheese.

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